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How to Run Native R in Google Colab

R is a great language for data analysis, data visualization and machine learning. It is free, well supported and has a lot of useful libraries for statistical modelling, feature extraction, time series analysis, data manipulation, and visualization.  So, I have a few projects that worked on while taking a Big Data Analytics course at York University and some of them I wanted to improve and was wondering if it is possible to run R code in Google Colab and apparently it is very easy to do.

I came across this Youtube video from Data Professor that explains the process of running R in Colab. If you don’t want to watch the video just click this link ( and you will get a fresh colab notebook running R runtime!

Colab runs not the latest but still quite new R version and you have an option to run it with GPU.

I hope this quick post can save you some time and enjoy R development in Colab.

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